Sweep-EZ Floor Cleaner

Today I dropped off a 50 pound cardboard box of Sweep-EZ in your area. This is a green waxy material that you can sprinkle on the floor and then sweep up. It is suppossed to be great at cleaning up powders and dust on a concrete floor. There is a metal cart next to the overhead doors with more boxes of this material. Try it and share some with Jewelry as well. Hopefully it will help you to clean the floors in your area. Let me know how it works.


Wow! I hope it works with spilt slip.

Please, feel free to take a box of this floor cleaner to the Glassworks area. Caution: The box weighs 50 pounds.

Is it ok to vacuum up?

The material is meant to be pushed around with a broom. It is waxed based so I do not know if that would tend to clogg up a vaccuum cleaner or not.

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Thanks Rich. We might be able to try it out Monday.

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Thanks Rich! I swept the ceramics area floor with it.

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