Suggestions for Rigging up Some Trailer Sides

I am putting some plywood sides on my trailer, and will use two-hole pipe straps to secure (see pic). I’d like to place some sort of rubber or neoprene or (open to suggestion) padding or protective collar around the pipe where clamp is placed to protect it from having the paint scratched off, but am having an issue finding something I can use at Lowes Depot. The right solution will be some sort of tubing made from appropriate material (UV resistant is good but not high priority) that either comes in ~1 inch lengths or can be cut down to. The pip is 1.5 inch OD, so that needs to be the ID of collar/padding tube. OD of collar needs to be close to 2", i.e. the next size up in pipe strap size.

Any suggestions on what to use and where to source?

Well, depend how far you want to go. You could do easy & just put heat shrink over the clamp. Then there is Hydra-zorb style clamps. Those tend to get more spendy.

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1.5" PVC conduit is 1.900 OD and 1.590 ID A little quality time with a handsaw should yield all that you could want in custom lengths. I’m thinking cut longitudinally and crosscut to length. PVC Conduit is UV resistant.

I think the bandsaw in the plastics area would probably do the deed, but I have not looked at the blade on it.

I’d probably bore some off center holes in short chunks of 2X4 and open up the notch with a saw and run screws through the ply into the 2X4s with fender washers to distribute the load on the ply.

Failing all of this, black neoprene gasket material is pretty UV resistant. I think Westlake hardware has it if LowesDepot does not.

I also have some large heatshrink that might work depending on the width of the clamps. Might be not quite big enough. Or some old garden hose cuttings. How much linear length do you need and how wide are the clamps?

How are you going to weatherize the ply? Or is this not a concern?

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Good ideas…although i don;t have experience to understand how that will hold up to shaking/vibration/etc. of time.


Yes…since it is rigid I am worried that it would be a little too loose fitting on both the pie and the clamp.

This was my original approach until I started overthinking it. I only need a small amount (see next), so if any Cosplayers have some extra sitting around, I’d be grateful.

Clamps are 3/4" wide, and will use 11 or 12 of them, so about 12" in length and maybe 2" wide.

Definitely a concern. I still need to cut ply to size and cut out notches for tie-downs and place/drill holes, but then will paint with whatever exterior paint or marine paint I have sitting around.

I may have some heatshrink that is big enough, but it will be the weekend before I can spelunk for it.

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Just drop by a convenient dollar store, buy some cheap silicon mats, cut into strips, wrap around the pipe, and cinch down between the clamp & ply. Alternatively, shoot a little silicon caulk under the clamp, partially tighten, let it set up, then tighten down, & trim the squeeze out to suit.


I have some!

That’s a good, out-of-the-box idea…is someone there with you? (he he…it’s cheap shot Thursday.)

Although I might want to remove/replace/repaint/etc. someday…not sure how permanent some of that goo is once applied. But still a likley candidate

You could also use foam insulation tape, you might have to get slightly larger clamps. Possibly even weather stripping.
Similar to this

Or this

I have one of this if you want it

Or plastidip the clamp, you get a few years before you need to worry about it.

You could also use ubolts instead of the clamps then use a piece of hose on the bolt to keep it from scratching.

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Only Schrödinger’s cat.

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Is it dead or alive? :–)

Yes it is.

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It’ll likely peel clean from the metal, and may even peel clean from the mat.

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My recommendation was an either/or …“alternatively” was an purposeful word.

A lot of good ides and alternatives here…thanks everyone. :bowing_man:

I don’t know if you’re looking for a permanent solution or just a temporary but many, many, many moons ago we used to use the duct tape pipe insulation and some electrical tape or zip ties for roll cage padding.
Later years did the same thing for padding on dollies for moving furniture.

This is exactly what I would do. Both have grip, are highly heat resistant and cheap, too.

Visit a bike shop and get a discarded (or new for $$) bike inner tube Cut it into a short length to slip over the bracket and cut holes for the bolts.

Baby powder will make slipping it on easier.

If a bike tire tube is too small, an inner tube from a tire shop can be cut into a patch for the inside of the strap. Rubber cement or contact like Barge could be used to attach it.

A scrap of leather glued to the inside of the strap is another option.


I think you can get NEW cheap bike tubes at Walmart, too. I like this solution in addition to the silicone mat solution previously mentioned.