Suggestion for Downed Tools

What would be the possibly of getting some small brightly colored cones similar to some of these for at least the committee areas that are on public cameras. When a tool is down set on on the tool so you can see it on the camera. It also lets folks know it’s down and has been reported when they enter the area.


But not green - that suggests the wrong thing. Preferably red/orange.

I wonder if we could hook them up to a gas line so that they are also on fire? Since there are going to be people who are either not paying attention, think that they are mess someone left behind, or are idiots; who will just move the cones to try using the downed tools :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hah! Yeah I do like the idea of the cones, but we would definitely also need to put labels and warnings on the covers to make it very clear…

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@cvrana … Given the frequency of (redundant) posts asking about laser status, the laser committee might benefit from this. First post has the link. $18 for ten of them (on Amazon).

@tbjk bought some for machine shop and you can easily see them on the camera. (Look on the HAAS in the left foreground).