Sublimating a long panel?

I am considering a project that will require sublimating a long aluminum panel that is about twice as wide as our heat press. I can tolerate nominal “seams” in the image but would prefer to not separate the panel if possible.

Can I sublimate one section, move another section into the press, and keep moving across the panel that way? If I do that, certain portions of the image will be heated up twice. Will that affect how the image looks in that area? Should I peel off the paper in that area before I re-press it?

The double heated sections may fade, and being aluminum, even the parts outside the press may heat to the point that some of the ink may sublimate again and out gas. If by paper, you mean the transfer, then leaving it on may help the results.


I have tried this with cloth and the result was less than stellar. I got a decent image, but nothing that I’d really put on display.

I think the key is to get perfectly cut images that are right on the edge and then you can line them up easily. Maybe include the cut lines in your original image. That’s what I tried and it worked to a degree but again, not impressive results. Part of the issue, though, was the tape didn’t really stick to the fabric very well. It might do better on aluminum.

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For fabric did you try the tack spray? It helps to lightly hold against shifting.

No because every other time I’ve tried the tack spray it never does anything, nothing adheres. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

Not intended to adhere but just make it tacky enough to not slip. When you want to try it again, let me know and I’ll try to be on hand.

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