Stupid Twitter tricks

As the title says, Twitter currently shows only a few replies to a tweet, then makes you keep clicking to see more. Instead, it shows “helpful suggestions” under More Tweets. It did not used to do this.

The difference turns out to be some crap added to the URL:


Remove that rubbish and it reverts to the previous behavior…

Oh, as bad as it is, I use Twitter to post fight cards for BattleBots because it is the most efficient way to find and quote them.


There are many news articles which attribute a drop of Twitter traffic to the debut of new rival Threads:

I believe that is only part of the story. Mere days before Threads launched, Twitter instituted limits on the number of tweets which may be read.

Twitter used to be a great platform for disseminating information. Post a tweet and anyone with a web browser can read it. It is easy and reliable to pass on the URL to a tweet. No need to install a specialized app or register an account.

Today, no account, no read.

Twitter had better reverse their misguided decision before influencers find a better platform for promotion…

Twitter has not changed for non-members.

Reports are that Threads is not doing so well after its initial huge “adoption” rate.

Other Twitter “replacements” are not doing any better. Truth Social and Gettr hardly gets mention today. Parler was aborted by Big Tech. Bluesky by Twitter co-founder is <ahem> foundering.

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I think I finally figured out why an odd selection of old tweets appear.

It used to display tweets in reverse chronological order, newest first. It now displays them according to the number of likes. Whose hair brain thought that was a good idea?

There may be a way to decorate the URL to change the sort order - research time…

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I just heard on the radio that Twitter/X growth has stagnated.,slightly%20from%20229M%20to%20227M.

Twitter/X Usage Sees Sharp Decline - Edison Research.

I still say that Twitter is much less useful as a way to disseminate information than before because of their brain-dead of ordering tweets in reverse like order instead of the much more useful reverse chronological as it had been before. Are you listening, Elon?

More critique: