Study group for HAAS. 10/21/2018 12am to 6pm

Hello my name is Thomas James Bowman. I am looking to start a study group the HAAS Class. I believe that it was mentioned that few student can pass the course and become certified members that ensure the functionality of the tool and extend knowledge of machining at Dallas makerspace. Is anyone interested in joining or starting a study group?

let me put that to rest. I have had few students follow thru after taking the course and actually build the domino or do a personal project. Considering we provide the CAD files and the step by step instructions for creating the tool paths, it is difficult to believe that so few follow thru. Yes, there is a LOT to remember at first about the controller operation, but we have a simulator that is readily available to everyone so building the necessary ‘muscle memory’ should not be a problem other than a lack of will to do so. I am not always available but have always been willing to schedule time with students. Again, I don’t know what the issues are. Perhaps some former students who never built their domino will weigh in. Other than that, I welcome anything that will advance more members to machine.

Starting in January, I will be doing a 8-10 week lecture series on various machining concepts and techniques. Hope you’ll join in, cheers!


Robert Elliott, I would like to get in on a class.