Studio Equipment, Product Photography

Hello! My name is Cora and I am new to Maker Space.

I am interested in learning more about product photography and studio lighting. Does anyone in this group have an interest in this or any tips on inexpensive classes? I would love to learn more about the basics and also DIY tips to avoid buying majorly expensive equipment.

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Lots of photography stuff on Instructables and DIY Photography. And YouTube of course. “DIY Studio Lighting” in a search engine will take you down a rabbit hole larger than anything in Watership Down.

And there’s plenty of mounts and clamps and stuff you can 3-d print on Thingiverse.


Thank you!!

Great source for how to do lighting on the cheap:

Also, we have some reasonable lighting gear in the digital media lab. Umbrella reflectors and some sort of lights for them. ( haven’t used the space’s lighting gear myself. )

@thespacemaker aka Mr. Hubris.

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Hi @Cora_Woodward and welcome to DMS!

We have a great selection of lights, cameras, and tools in digital media to shoot just about any prosumer level production.

I offer a few classes on product photography a month, I’ll schedule one for the Saturday after next If you are interested in learning how to light up a product shoot. Unless you are planning to shoot at home there is really no need to purchase the equipment we have everything you would need at the space.

Mr. Hubris