Storage Woodshop + Hiring Help

I just acquired a couple poker tables I would like to restore and modify. Will I be able to store these tables at Dallas Makers Space while I work on them? Also, I wouldn’t might paying someone to help me. Anyone looking for some extra cash?

What kind of Restoration work. Just a little touch up on the stain, or a complete rebuild?


Easy especially going the non professional route as in your YouTube clip!

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I will forward this to the logistics team and try to get an answer.

Generally, do not allow large undetermined length of time projects to be stored at the space. We will need snow precisely length of time as well as actual size in order to confirm anything.

Further, due to expansion and us needing to keep lobby areas pretty flexible in case we are suddenly able to move forward with it, this is probably unlikely right now

Ok. Tables are 108 x 60 and a professional can refelt one an hour. It probably take me one week. LOL