Storage disposal

If my stuff was marked for immediate disposal, so I have to remove it from the makerspace, or can I move it and “recertify” it as I’m still working on the project?

The rules state you have to bring it home for a minimum of 3 days after 30 days of storage.


Fill out a Storage Card completely and legibly with good contact information and date of storage. Select a slot, and fill it taking care not to present a hazard. Vacate your slot before 30 days expires.

  • You may only use one slot
  • You may NOT store any flammable or hazardous materials - if it costs DMS money to dispose of your materials it will be passed on to you.
  • Please allow 3 days between each use of project storage - to allow others the opportunity to work on their projects.

Moreso, I believe that there is a paper posted on the storage shelves outlining how long you need a break before getting a new spot. Please check that for the latest timings.

The rule of thumb I use if im not working on something for a day or two, that’s fine. If I can’t get back to something for a week, I take it home.

Please remember, we have over 1400 members and less then 50 spaces for storage. Be considerate of others!

The storage is a convenience so you don’t have to carry your work back and forth. It is not to be used as your garage!

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Fabrycki, I heard the membership already offered you their opinion on this :wink:

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