Stick welding equipment

I wanted to check to see if the metal shop has any stick welding equipment? I know there are the Miller welders but I don’t remember them having attachments for doing stick welding. There used to be a Lincoln Electric but that has been gone for some time.

Yes. Our dynasty and our miller 255 are both capable of stick welding. We have stingers and rods. Not sure your application. There are a bunch of different flavors of rods. Mostly 7018 and 6010. Unless you are just practicing or trying to learn for work, stick welding is overkill for most DMS type work.

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Stick welding makes lots of smoke, good for outside projects in windy conditions, welders are generally cheaper than Mig, its alot harder than Mig to learn, since no shielding gas it’s simple to run long welding leads from the power supply so more suitable on construction projects. We don’t have a good way to ventilate the metal shop other than the downdraft table on the plasma cutter, which is low so least likely to exhaust the smoke. I got long leads for my Dynasty Tig welder at home but so far haven’t needed to use them. Learn it if you need it, but if you are going to be welding at the space do Mig and when thats no big deal learn Tig. Woodturning and Tig were two skills that took me lots of practice to get through the learning curve.

Take the hot process safety class that is sometimes on the calendar and always available on

James is already signed off on the equipment.

I’m just doing this to get some practice in. It has been a long time since I’ve done stick, I mostly to TIG and MIG.