Stepping down as chair of digital media

I’m still not getting most of your points, you make comments like

I’m having trouble seeing the “attack on teachers” or the “attack on the foundation of the space”.

You cite these, then diatribe about the board acting unethically. Then you say they are unfit to lead.

How can you make comments such as these when you yourself possibly did the same?

Does that somehow qualify you to judge them?

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This works both ways there buddy. You hail mary trashed the leadership. Don’t expect people to sit quietly and take it. You could have said your goodbyes and left it respectful. You didnt…


Gaslighting at its best.


Usually resignation posts aren’t used as obvious attempts to attack/troll. For example, see @nicksilva’s post: Moving on (damn letter requirement)

Note how it’s polite, has a lot of likes and all the replies are likewise great.


I think being defensive and trying to justify is not helping … it just shows how resolute yall are in shoving people


You don’t really have a point here except that, rather than discussing things or raising concerns, we have a rant and rave about things that either you clearly don’t understand or were unwilling to bother trying.

Kris was denied chair due to an ongoing thing in the background that needs to be resolved first. The same thing happened with others involved, they were denied certain things until it sorts out.

As for the CTO spot in sorry, but did you raise a concern about migrating the existing chair to the spot back when it happened? Has anyone complained that freddy was appointed to the spot as the existing chair of infra?
Did you raise a concern because if you did it certainly didn’t happen in a way that presented discussion.

This board has been very active and easy to communicate with, it’s no one’s fault but your own if you choose not to do so.

As for the attacks on teachers, we don’t have that problem from the board. We have a cash flow problem. They gave Chairs the ability to make the choice on how to stem the damage

Can’t agree more with Freddy on this one.
You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

That includes you man. I would have just given you respect but you used your goodbye to trash a lot of people for your own opinions.


I spoke against a culture… no names, everyone here took it upon themselves to make it about them…

I posted, intentionally, in broad open scope.

It’s not my fault these people took it upon themselves to take that as directly talking about them (board aside, which my only complaint was the lack of transparency)

If we cannot speak about the culture without gettin shot down then that is exactly the problem with our culture.

You are only proving the problem.

Now I am done arguing with people who think they know what my words meant more than I do (and who obviously cannot take the scope of a sentence into account when reading)

Goodbye guys. I wish you all the best, I really do. I hope that you guys carry the space in the right direction.

Thank you for all you did for the space


You called out the board specifically, you called out the CTO / Infrastructure group shift.

I’m not inferring anything; you called out these things directly. You can’t dish it out and not expect it in return

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If you can’t see how those were responses to Scott’s questions then I have no words for you

For the record, I didn’t ask any questions.


Sorry you’re right…

incendiary statements insinuating I am a liar.

Much more accurate now :slight_smile: thank you

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And for some context:

This was not an answer to anything, purely a rant by you.
FYI, the decision on how to handle classes was left to the chairs, not the BoD. The only requirement was to hit a target for the cash flow problem. Whether it was number of classes, honorarium paid, or enforced fees was left to the chairs

Again, all you bud choosing to try and make this a diatribe.
Kris was denied the position due to the background situation, something you either don’t have the background on or you conveniently choose to omit. Parties that could be considered “the other side” were denied things for the same reasons.
You tried to make this about bashing the board from the get go.

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Incendiary and eye rolling attitudes are required in the new SoPs, I think …

Kris was denied because of Andrew LeCody.

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Kris wasn’t what I was talking about…

Again… you guys cannot take scope of sentence into account. You are trying to tell me what I meant by my own words.

The CTO comment was in direct reference to transparency…

Which was the exact point I made about the board…

So yes… pretty relevant. I am also aware of the “background issue”

Nobody has Been served and that wasn’t a rule before the board. They chose to set that precedent…

It didn’t have to be done. Stop

@Team_Moderators please for the love of sanity stop this train.


Edited, I said some stuff here in a tad bit of aggravation earlier that I regret. The first step to making DMS great again is to be nicer to each other.


Finally the first true insult :slight_smile:
They’re not the only ones who have given time to the space.

I hope everyone keeps that in mind

Close er down :v:t3:

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Ok everyone I’m closing this down.