Status on Woodshop move?

I haven’t very active in the DMS woodshop for the last couple of years, but I plan to do more this year. When I first joined (pre-pandemic), DMS had just acquired the adjacent space and there were plans to move the woodshop to where the kilns used to be and expand its footprint a bit. When I visited DMS a few weeks ago, it didn’t look like any progress had been made even though the kilns were gone. I don’t mean to stir up a hornet’s nest, but whatever happened to the project to move the woodshop?

Simple answer is “It’s in works”. If you haven 't been over in the “102 side”, take a look. A lot got done before, during and after the pandemic.

edit - Plans for the next phase of expansion are on the table in front of the Infra Ofc in the Commons Rm.

As mentioned above, there is a final floorplan posted on the wall in the common room.

Woodshop is still increasing in size, and will be just as large or larger than the original plans when it was going to move to the kiln area - for cost saving though, it made more sense to build out wood shop around the areas it currently is (It saves a huge amount on electrical, dust cleaning, etc)

We’ve had all the plans pretty much done for the last couple months, it’s been a lot of figuring out timelines, contractors/quotes, and permits/okays from landlord and so on. Further complicating it was the fact that we were waiting for the foundation piers to be put in (which is no done), and potentially some plumbing work.

I took some friends on a tour of the space a few weeks ago and 102 looks great. The fact I saw the kilns had been moved prompted the question.

The new galley, which the floor is being done today, is essential part to the woodshop expansion. So while it may look like we are not getting anything done, there is progress happening. In the next few weeks we will be cutting a hallway through current digital media, & subsequently closing the old galley pass through.

Nothing like playing Tetris with committees.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at the final floorplan the next time I’m there.

At one point the plans with laser moving to the old ceramics area had been posted somewhere in talk. I just have not been able to find them since.