Static Mat Help request

So I cut down a HP power cord to bring the ground wire out to use it for my ESD control mat Shown below).

Before I use it, I would Ike to crimp a terminal lug to it (preferred option) or tin about 1/2" of the ground wire. So it will last longer. I can mail it if needed.

Slowly but surely I’m getting back into electronics. One baby step at a time.

Edit: This is an example of the terminal lug I am talking about.


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What kind of material is the mat? Usually either the mat material or the cable has some resistance like 100 Meg Ohms.

Don’t know, you tell me?

I’m just creating a good ground source for the mat nothing more. All ESD safe stations require a stable ground reference. I was the ESD tech at Alcatel for almost 10 years. I’ve been known to write on the subject.

ElectroStatic Discharge

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“Ground” is relative. If you are at equipotential with the devices you are working on, no charge transfer, thus no damage, can take place.

I just remember someone having interesting experience with working on an antique radio that ended up having a HOT chassis.

Many tube type radio chassis are 50/50 on having a hot chassis depending on which way the unpolarized cord is plugged in.

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My room mate keeps telling me all my old crap is the garage. Given no choice I’ll just have to be patient. Two guesses where my stimulus money is going?