Staining/varnishing at DMS?

I’m almost at the point to stain and varnish the vanity carcass I’ve been building FOREVER. Is there a place I can do this at DMS? (I’m talking brush on, wipe off type of thing, no spraying.) Is it allowed? If so, where should I set up so I’m out of the way?

I’d much rather do it there than in my sweltering garage.

It is allowed. No spraying anything with VoC, though. (sounds like you got that covered.)

In general, members shouldn’t leave anything out on tables or in the way on floors when they aren’t actively working on them, plus a reasonable time for drying/curing. If you think you will need to leave your project sit out for longer than a few hours unattended, e.g. overnight, best to seek some sort of “OK” or approval from Logistics folks. Usual approach at that point is to leave a note with your name, phone number and/or TALK handle, and time you’ll be back to [ finish | move | remove ] your project.

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Many folks who are leaving a glue-up/varnish/whatever just leave the note with the name, phone, and time. Logistics is hard to contact, and most are okay with a 24 hour “wait to dry”. The contact info is what tells people that it’s intentional, and that you WILL be back.


Most importantly, notes allow us to contact you if something happens and you haven’t returned. If we don’t see anything, we assume it’s abandoned or not cared for, thus destined for a trip to the dumpster :frowning: