Spring 2024 election roundup

Morning all @Committee_Chairs, it’s time again for the semi annual chair elections.

Please post your committees election results and the link to the minutes.

Metal Shop election was last Saturday, @Mrholthaus was unanimously re-voted as chair.
Linky to the minutes
The Link to Metal Shop Minutes


Science elections will be in June

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Creative Arts and Animatronics will also be in June

@TBJK thanks for doing this and posting a minutes link for Metal Shop. It’s not required to post them on Talk but we do need them on Source as part of the minutes.

As others have noted elections are not all held at the same time. They drift over time, committee’s formed at different times, stuff happens, etc.

The DMS Secretary and IT are working on a Source based calendar to track this sort of thing more easily and make it as transparent as possible. More to come on that …


Ceramics is May 7 :slight_smile: