[split] coolant ph vs SG/Brix (discussion)

9.0 is very good for Aluminum. If you’re going to use steel or do rigid tapping, I’d go with a pH of at least 11.0

Why is Nicks post post flagged? He is expressing an opinion, in a civil manner.

He was flagged because the OP requested that this thread be for tracking the coolant status only.

@Team_Moderators Can you guys split this out into a discussion thread?

Thanks i stand informed.

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asking for a friend… would this not go better in the Team_HAAS thread?
I mean, I am happy to follow along, and if it were moved there I would miss out, so I’m not advocating it, but it WOULD reduce the pool of applicants for forgetting to not comment on something, as opposed to laying it right out in the open…

Um…I’m good with whatever you recommend.

an informed opinion at that. but whatever. Talk is hardly the place for ‘record keeping’ is it?

Yes it would be.

It’s because that was a thread explicitly for logging results and not discussion of said results. It was clearly noted in the top of the thread.