Sourcing Woods for Board Game Insert Project


I need 7 sheets of 380x380x3mm material for a board game insert (bought the plans online). I was told Central Hardwoods should be good, but they are only open during my office hours and I can’t get over there.

I’m not entirely sure how to open it. There are DXF, EPS, and RLD files. Can anyone recommend tools that will open these (preferably Linux compatible)? I know RDWorks might open DXF, but I haven’t had much luck with that.


Not familiar with RDWorks, just some generic warnings about DXF’s.

If you just DXF, just keep in mind DXF files do not have a unit associated with them, so you need to know what they were designed as. Typically programs have to know what unit it should be using when imported. I accidentally created one from Inkscape with font “points” as the unit and no scaling by 25.4 up or down (was assuming a mm vs inch issue) would solve my problem :laughing:


You can import the dxf files into Inkscape.

As for the EPS files, I have limited knowledge. I think you can open it in Illustrator, save it as an .ai file, and then import the ai file into Inkscape.


…and RLD files. RDWorks is available from the JUMP drive.


I wasn’t aware that RLD was an RDWorks file type. Either way, that’s not a tool that works on Linux. I emailed the creator and I’m expecting he’d be willing to give me a more consumable format.

I’m mostly interested in where I should source the material I need.


Are you looking for ply, or for solid wood? Can you live with 1/8" if that’s what’s available (i.e., 3mm might be harder to find)?


I bought this.

He says 3mm. I’m not sure 1/8" will work. I could ask him to modify the plans, but I doubt that would go anywhere (I’ve already bugged him enough over email)


Aha. I was (incorrectly) picturing an inlay.

Since apparently the 0.007" thickness difference between 3mm and 1/8" matters, it would be interesting to know what kerf thickness he planned for when he did his design.

If it were me, I’d run a few test cuts on one of the small interlocking boxes before I invested in the entire set of material.

Woodcraft sells baltic birch plywood in 3mm, and various dimensions.


Thanks, Woodcraft looks like what I’m looking for. I’ll probably try that this evening.


I’ve found that most (maybe all) Baltic Birch plywood that is sold in nominal imperial measurements is actually metric. 1/8" Baltic Birch is actually 3mm. Call Central and ask.


No “maybe” about it. “Baltic” is a geographic region. A region that long ago stopped using imperial units.