Source for Magnolia lumber?

Is anyone aware of a source for Magnolia lumber? Either local or online is fine. This is a small project but the species of the wood is important. Thank you in advance for any guidance.

Have you tried SitCo Lumber in Lufkin, Texas or Brazos Forest Products?


Boards or chunks? I have a trunk of magnolia that’s been sitting out since last spring? Probably 20” diameter and a similar height. I could drop it by DMS tomorrow (Sunday).
If you’re interested, I’ll go out and get more precise measurements.

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I have some medium-thin branches that came from trees that fell down from storms in May. The ends are cracking some, but the middles seem fine.

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I know this one!! MAGNOLIA!

out of curiosity, do you mind if i ask what you are trying to do with the wood, and why the species is important for the project?

Magnolia is a very pale, creamy colored wood will little grain: almost like ivory.


It’s beautiful wood. Don’t try to turn it green, though. It does better on the lathe when it’s dry.

IIRC, most of the magnolia timber processed separately by species gets sent to the Venetian blind market and directly to furniture mills. The rest is usually mixed with poplar in the marketplace making it hard to find as a distinct offering.

Thank you and I am sorry for the slow response. Do you still have the magnolia? I want to make a couple of small boards for serving trays (approximately 12 x 16 x 1). I could meet you at DMS this weekend if possible. Thank you again for your quick response to my question.