Someone's still just throwing away sandpaper by the handful

I don’t know if this was ever looked into further last time but it’s still happening. Perfectly good sheets of sandpaper just being thrown away, some of it brand new as if it’s never been used before. I do wonder if it’s intentional as well because last night I found it in the trashcan near the sanding station and took it out and then put it back at the sanding station. Today I found it at the trash can furthest away from the sanding station as if someone was trying to make sure it stayed thrown away this time.

Last night’s find

Today’s find

I guess people can do whatever they want with their $1 of sandpaper but I doubt they’re paying for it all.


Wow! I always hope there is some “gently used” sand paper there when I work on a small project. Stuff works fine.


tagging @Team_Woodshop in case they want to review video. Throwing away new sandpaper is a big problem. Especially considering someone went to the trouble of stocking it.

I’m just going to offer my speculation that what happens is:
paper is taken to table to be used
may or may not be actually used
tacos call
table, and sandpaper, is “abandoned”
table gets cleaned up (i.e. all the detritus is swept into the nearest receptacle) by next user and/or janitorial staff.
agvet then discovers & reports
I’ve seen this happen so. often. (well, not THIS, but stuff like it, with sharpies, brand new pencils, pens, collations of brads/nails, packages of pushpins, stacks of paper, once a whole box of chip brushes, etc.
No idea how to curb it, but this is what I suspect happens here (well, SOME ideas, like the Fastenall Vending Machine, but that’s been discussed ad nauseam and not really my purview).

I tossed it on Sunday!

I had nothing to do with Saturday.

The reason it was all the way across the shop is that was the only trash can available in the shop the other two were awol.

And as pictured all was used to some extent. It was tossed all over the sanding table and we were using the sanding table for a class.

So, no one is tossing out new sand paper, inspite of the claims to the contrary!

Yes it was all

Last time about a month ago there were definitely new pieces in it. There was only one that looked new this time.

But these are all very serviceable pieces of sandpaper. It’s kind of wasteful to toss them in their current state. Even the one with a minor rip in it is still quite usable.

There is always a balance between “usable” and “worth using”. At multiple places I’ve worked, they’ve continued to throw away expensive and useful materials. I used to save large amounts of this waste, but I eventually realized that they were tossing it because the mess cost more than the waste. This is not the case here, but it’s important to remember that different people use different criteria to determine value. Personally, I would prefer to save the sandpaper, but I’m hesitant to point fingers because, sometimes, it really can be more efficient to throw away good paper.

Is there a place, or could there be a place, where the partially used (but still useful) sandpaper can go? A small box or folder?

Then if folks have that type of leftovers, or are cleaning up, it’s less wasteful?

I know frequently when I’ve needed sandpaper, it’s just for a small quick thing and I’d definitely look through that partially used pile first if it’s there