Solidworks Surface Modeling Help

@MLocke and I are working on figuring out the capabilities of the 3D scanner that DMS has(POP gen 1). We have scanned some things, and I’m working on getting them into Solidworks, but I could use some help with Solidworks surface modeling. If this interests you or you are a professional at Solidworks surface modeling, please advise us.

I do use SolidWorks everyday. If you are trying to bring in scanned 3d data it is usually memory heavy due to the point cloud/ poly triangles that is generated from the scan and this is something SolidWorks is not good at or cannot do parametrically so it comes in as a dumb solid. If you have found a way to do this more efficiently I would love to hear how you are doing it. If you need some help or direction regarding SolidWorks feel free to reach out to me.