Soldering class and project advice

I’ve got an audio DAC that I need to replace an IC in. Others have reported that the static/crackling/no playback issue we have with the model(s) is fixed by doing so. I believe this is an “SMD” chip.




I’d like to take the opportunity to both learn, as I’ve wanted to learn soldering for a long time, and fix my device.

I’ve already ordered a few of the 2$ ICs in case I screw it up. And already purchased another DAC so I’m not in a rush on this.

Are there classes for soldering, regular office hours, or anyone willing to take some time to look over the project with me and give advice and feedback?

I’m a complete newbie so even just throwing some learning materials at me would be helpful.

The next office hours I have will be the 27th from 6-8 PM. We should be able to knock this out.

Awesome, I’ll be there!

Oh wow… I didn’t realize how small the ICs would be.

Do I need to bring anything other than the gear? Happy to pick up anything I need to beforehand. I do have a soldering iron but I’ve never used it. No idea if it’s any good.

Bring yours and we’ll find out. I should point out this is not a starter project

Yeah, I’m realizing that now that I see it. Lol.

I’ll bring what I’ve got then. Maybe some old stuff to practice de/resoldering as well?

Just an FYI, the slab Flattening Mill Class got scheduled for this same day at 6:30. I’ll still try to make it before and/or after but I don’t know how long that will take. And I really need to be there for that class as it’s my “primary” project at the moment.

Could i help?

I have smt projects. I am just suggesting this as a secondary help.

I’ll be in Wednesday evening of you want to try then

Sorry, not sure I follow. What kind of help are you offering?

Same I offer at electronics office hours

I offer my tools, I have the IPC jstf001 cert. We both want you to succeed. As long it is with in reason and good design principles, then you should succeed. We both understand failure is the natural process leading towards success. We both understand that encouragement and advising, will hance you towards your end goals of success. If on teacher does not help you then another teacher will help you.

Oh, I see. Honestly, I’d be grateful for advice and help from anyone.

Hopefully I’ll know in the next day or so if I’ll have that conflict on the 27th or not and then make decisions on when’s best to seek help.

Are you generally at the office hours or another time?

I am between jobs. I try to show up at others convenance and when i dont have a job interview. I try to make a day of makerspace and have a few projects. In case one project is stalled or i am not sure how to complete the project that i am learning on.

I’ll be in office hours tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing anyone there.

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