[SOLD] FS: Samsung 56" Rear-projection DLP HLR5667WAX/XAA

This TV has served me well over the years, but the time came to replace it with an on-the-wall LCD.

What works: qty 2 component inputs (please check them before buying), qty 2 composite inputs. Lamp is good, but not new.

What’s broken: HDMI input doesn’t work (color channels missing).

Bonus offer: I have TWO of these monsters, one which I was planning to use for parts. The second unit is in UNKNOWN condition, but it has a spare lamp, etc. Lots of info on these TVs online and board-level repairs possible.

BOTH are yours for $50, YOU pick it up. I want them both gone, so it’s a package deal or nothing.

Location is Southlake, TX.

No refunds or returns once you have it loaded on your trailer or into your vehicle.

S/N plate from 2nd unit:

Forgot to add: Two remotes included. One is missing a small cover over some extra buttons at the bottom, but it doesn’t afffect operation. Battery doors are present.

I had that TV or one just like it and I loved it.

Yep, I did too. Until the HDMI died, it was my go-to TV for movies. Upgraded to a TCL 65" from Costco, which I’m also extremely pleased with so far. It has the Roku OS on it, so no need for an external Roku box.

My stereo receiver (at the time) wouldn’t switch HDMI so I used component (not composite!) video and it was still great. I didn’t use the TV as a sound source so didn’t care about its connections there.