{Sold!} - Free Toolbox w/ a few extra tools

I don’t want to throw this sucker away. but I will if a must. It comes with a few tools included. Being stuck in a wheelchair I need the space more than a second beat up tool box. (was a machine maintenance tech in better days).

Please PM me if interested.

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I’ve had 3 inquiries toward this item, consider it no longer available, except for the 3 folks who have already sent PMs. So @robertbettis, @trapper13, @makerzer01 , I’m open to suggestions? Death match? What?

Im very interested and can pick it up when ever but i f I wasn’t the first person to message whatevers fare is fare

As of now (11:30AM)
@robertbettis PMed me 13 Hours ago,
@trapper13 14 Hours ago,
@makerzer01 14 Hours ago.
Looks like @makerzer01 asked first, and gets the prize.

If for whatever reason they changed their mind or cant come get it let me know

Will do. Waiting to hear back from him.

Sounds fair to me. Thank you again, Wendy for offering it to our community!

@makerzer01 has not responded to his PMs, @trapper13 , still interested? If you are, please PM your phone number?

Im still interested i pmd my number

@trapper13 is not responding to phone calls, so I guess I need to find someone else to give the toolbox to.

@robertbettis are you still interested? I’ll give you 2 weeks, then open to floor to whomever else might be interested.

Wow! I can’t believe you still have this!! I can pick it up this week if that is okay?
Thank you for reaching back out to me : )


And it is Gone!

Thank you, again!

You are very welcome.