SOLD - Free - big a** piece of steel

Hubby had this piece of steel for some project that never got done. It’s roughly 3ft square and 1/4" thick. It is very heavy, so I’m not bringing it anywhere, but if you want to come get it in McKinney, I’d love it to go to someone who’d use it.


Would love to have it if it is still available. Want to make a pizza steel for a weber grill.

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piece of slate would work better for cooking pizza

Would like to toss my name in the ring for 2nd place in the list if Lampy can’t make it.

@Lampy When do you think you’d be able to come get it? I’m in McKinney just off 75 and Virginia.


You stole my ideas thise pizza steels are pricey

Open anytime this week day/evening except for Friday.

Are you free today anytime? Or this evening?

I’ll PM you my address

This evening is fine.

Note Steel weighs 0.283 lbs per cubic inch. If that steel is 1/4” thick it’ll weigh about 84 lbs.

Looked maybe 1/2” in pics (hard-ish to tell on mobile). That’d push the weight over 160.

Might want to bring a friend.

Sarah’s pretty tough. And motivated to get it to leave the premises.

I think it’s 1/4". It’s super heavy. I’ll not be carrying it anywhere alone.

I am motivated enough to try to help load it. :slight_smile:

I’m taking my 18 yo son with me. :wink:


Amazing what 18 year old boys will do for food.


a cast iron skillet makes a pretty good makeshift pizza steel


That they do! A dutch oven lid does pretty good.

Here is what I’m thinking. It is 21.5" in diameter.


I like the design, esp. the ventilation holes for a crisper crust.

You might forge shallow arches into the handles to make it easier to lift. Blacksmithing has some swage blocks which would make that easier.

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