[Sold] Dayton 7x12” horizontal metal bandsaw

Currently have it listed for $550 on Marketplace but willing to take $100 less than it is listed for on Marketplace if sold to someone from Dallas Makerspace. I am currently selling it for $50 less than I paid for it originally. Just need to get it sold quickly to help pay for the new bandsaw.

I have a used Dayton 7”x12” horizontal metal bandsaw that I bought as a project but am selling as-is since I found a like new saw to take its place in my workshop. It does work and when I bought it the seller demonstrated it by cutting some exhaust tube on it about 2 years ago. When he showed me the demo cut before I bought it he had the coolant pump working. Currently the coolant tank is empty and I don’t have any cutting oil additive to make up a new batch of coolant. The saw is a little weathered and needs a little repair and maintenance but should make someone a good bandsaw with a little work. Saws this size new retail for around $1600-2000 generally depending on the brand. I have only cut two pieces on it and that was last night. The bad: wheels treads are coming apart and it will either need new wheels or the rest of the tread removed from the hubs, end of cut shut off switch is missing and remaining piece of cable that went to it is disconnected in the wiring box, main switch had been replaced by previous owner, hydraulic piston is a little touchy on and may need some attention, and it probably needs a new blade soon. I downloaded and printed the manual/parts guide and that will be included. Cash only. Willing to entertain reasonable offers. Public meetup pickup in either The Colony, Carrollton, or Farmers Branch.

Previous owner used it to cut down tubing for building dune buggy frames at his home.

I have a video clip of it running from last night but I am unable to attach it here but can send it via text. Saw is currently in The Colony but will probably be relocated to my office about 1-1/2 miles south of DMS in Farmers Branch either Friday or Saturday so I can make room to bring my new saw home.


Saw has sold. Unable to edit or delete the listing.