(SOLD!) 1 lot of Misc Test Equipment

FS: Misc test equipment - sold as a lot. $100

1 BK Precision Freq Generator
1 BK Precision Freq Counter
1 Lodestar Signal Generator
2 AMP crimpers
1 Sencore Transistor Checker
1 Sencore Cricket
1 Sencore Pocket Cricket
1 Wi-Fi detector
1 SCR/TRIAC tester
1 Digital Clamp Meter (NIB)

Raymond, I’ll take it. How do you want to do the transaction? Meet at DMS next week maybe?

Sounds fine. Pick the evening that works best for you.

I’ll be up later tonight to drop off a bunch of stuff on the freebie shelf too. :slight_smile:

Damn always late to the game.lol

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How long will you be there this evening?

Not long… Just got home and got the steaks on the grill… probably 8pm for about 30mins max.

Raymond, I’ve changed my dinner plans. I’d like to pick up the equipment tonight between 8 and 8:30. Please bring the equipment and I’ll meet you there. I hope this is satisfactory.

Items have been sold and transferred over to @coloneldan :slight_smile:


Thanks Raymond. I’m looking forward to using them. Here’s the electronics store in Houston I was telling you about. https://epohouston.com/ They reminded me of Tanners.