Social Media- Need photos

Hey friends!

I’m helping with our social media posts, specifically IG!

Since I’m more in the CA area and can’t be at the space all the time, I feel I’m missing things happening!

I pull a lot from “Show and Tell” but would like to be able to show more of areas I’m not thoroughly familiar with or spend a lot of time in.

James and I spoke about highlighting some new tools, and would love to have some videos around some of those if anyone has them or let me know when I can come by and film.

Some committees content like to hoghlight soon

Machine shop
Metal works

I won’t be up there again this weekend but if anyone would like to submit anything they’ve worked on or think is great to highlight, you can send me a message to my talk (handle above) or find me on Discord at ‘GenaAnne’

Thanks and have a great weekend!



I find show n tell always has good pictures.

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Hi Gena,

I’m teaching woodshop safety tomorrow at 2 P.M. If you’d like to take some footage for IG, feel free to come by (with students’ consent of course).

Hey! Yes I can come by! I’ll come a few mins before your class starts so I don’t seem awkard showing up and taking random photos :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll take a look and schedule the next few days!

Hey there! I’d like to post these gorgeous pieces, can you give me some detail on materials, use, and where in the shop you built these?

Do you have access to our PR drive? There are lots of photos in there including some PR videos and photos from when DMS was on NBC. :slight_smile:

Hi Julie!

I don’t have access, that would be fantastic to look through and create some stories/reels!


PM me with your email address and I’ll work on getting you access. :slight_smile:

This was a Christmas present for a good friend. The box is walnut and mahogany. The knife is Osage orange.

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Wow, awesome

Link to the video here:


There is this…

Steamroller was recording locally, and the video was copied into the PR Committee drive.