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Clearly, it’s not that hard:


29/30 and I think they are wrong on # 23… Knocking is different than pinging/detonation.



If you feel the need to do some more Auto Mechanic Practice Tests this should keep you busy for a while.


What a Crock…

  1. When a car’s engine is running, power to operate the radio, CD player, headlights and windshield wipers comes from the:

Some fun facts…

• An engine will run several hours on just the battery.

• The headlights shorten that time by one to two orders of magnitude.

• It is possible to traverse great distances in an automobile by moonlight.

• Toyota did a great job of protecting everything under the hood on their '83 pickup from mud and water except the alternator.

Good times. Floating valves, terrible clutch designs, and other such nonsense.


How does moonlight change the inner dimensions of an automobile?


Score in the middle of the curve again? :school:


Steam engines are simpler than ICE. So I wasn’t thinking of they just burn anything, which I would not associate with the “Steam Engine” itself. I’d consider the firebox separate.


I have performed this experiment. Less than good times. Lesson learned, however - whenever a mechanic can’t find something that’s definitely broken (and thus a part to sell) but insists that they charge some diagnostic fee, odds are they can indeed fix it without replacing anything but just want to generate some revenue; in my case a loose connection somewhere that nearly left me stranded on I-35 somewhere between here and Austin.


That was my thought as well when I read that question. “Anything” is a pretty big word…


I gave up trying to parse those prepositional phrases and went with what I could muster.


It’s bigger on the inside.