So who ruined the vise?

I hadn’t been on the haas in a long time, but last week when I set up the softjaws I noticed that someone cut a 3/4" pocket into each side of the vise. Not the jaws, the actual vise. I pointed it out to Charles, but wanted to report it in general. This prevents something like a 1-2-3 block from butting up against the jaw for setting a tool height. This effectlively has ruined the vise. picture show here.
I’d say something about it not being reported by the person who did it, but then I’d probably get accused of shaming again so I won’t.

Thats a good question. I think we need to pull the logs. Charles noted that there was someone on the HAAS a couple weeks ago. Neither of us recognized him. I suspect this person left the haas a mess the last time as well.

There is a post by @nicksilva that seems to address this

That’s… um… he’s the OP.


Okay, apparently I’m an idiot who forgets to check the tags. Lol sorry

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Indeed, every committee gets “master X-ists” who masterfully perform on our machinery and “dont need no signin’ off” becuase they got it all figured out from “experience”. They are truly a blessing to the space and committee chairs.

The movable jaw is $182 if this is the D688 and $129 if it is the DX6. The fixed jaws are about the same

FYI: The Haas has a lockout on it; only approved users can badge in and use it. Whomever did this was presumably a badged and approved user OR was able to bypass the lockout.

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I will concede that it may have been an accident, which is forgivable if you own up to it.
The reason we get all pissed off is because people think they can get away with hiding the fact.

Yes. Mistakes are inevitable and of course forgivable. It’s the walking away that’s so infuriating.


I remember the channel on the backside has been there for a long while now, but didn’t notice the front one until now

Using the HAAS requires extensive training and those using it are mostly “experienced” machinists. With that being said, this is a perfect example of someone who should be publicly shamed! Based on the damage, cost of damage, rendering the HASS unusable to others and complete lack of integrity taking ownership and reporting this damage, this is a perfect example of someone whose DMS membership should be immediately revoked! There should be a database to alert other makerspaces regarding this individual! Additionally, DMS should have the ability to use legal action to recover damage costs, including immediate charge against that person’s bank account or wage garnishment! Unfortunately, DMS Leadership has the “one should not be held accountable for one’s actions because…” attitude!

@Will1 did you handover all access to your property and bank accounts when you joined DMS?

Grow up this shit happens and no one deserves tar and feathering as retribution. The reason the board doesn’t do what you suggest is that the space wouldn’t survive the repercussions of those actions. While these jaws are no longer pristine, I’m sure many talented and some untalented machinists can still use them to produce their work on the haas. That said, of course do the due diligence to try and find out who made the mistake. If that is without enough evidence to ID who made the mistake, follow this thread. Point out the issue, explain why it matters, and fix the tool.

Always remember no one member fund or runs the DMS. We work on a model of the majority of members paying membership under the want to be a part of a group like DMS. The vast majority step foot in DMS less than 10 times a year, but still fund the group to stay open. That is why hiding the hate and exaggerating the positivity is so important. Because, people want to be a part of happy and positive, rather than hate and vengeful.

Thanks for highlighting this @nicksilva, it was the right move and I hope it atleast gets the tool fixed or replaced. Further, I hope others who would of or have made this mistake take note and don’t perform the action or report it in the future.

Glad to see the machine shop still working!

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Dumb question,

But does DMS not have a welder and a surface grinder?

Seems to me it might be possible to repair the damage with some work and could be a good learning opportunity for someone interested in what it takes to repair something like this.

The could also be used as is after being debured.

With that said, anyone know if the jaws are heat treated / hardened?

just my $0.002

Guys sorry I’m super late to chime in. As the member previously referring to himself as HAAS hog….I’ve spent a substantial amount of time on the HAAS and have likely obsessed and shaken my fist about user induced carnage.
For reference I will refer to the marks traversing the jaws as channels, indicated by the red arrows. The new damage I noted is indicated with the fuchsia circle. The orange arrow indicates a drill hole was there back in the day as well.

I remember the channels being there from at least January 10th 2021. See the vise to the left in the photo….zoom in and you’ll see the channel.

I think I remember that vise as being one I picked up second hand….I think.

Looping in Nick and Tim for closure @nicksilva @TBJK

As a side note I’m nit picky and think the bar for new HAAS users needs to be higher than current levels as there have been some HAAS users that treated the HAAS as if it were a rental rather than a tool they partially owned and were responsible for. I am for making people first aware of the cost of damaging parts/components etc and then fiscally responsible for their damage….both parts and labor.

HAAS Hog (also goes by MF)

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Warning given.

Previously we had a thread with an issue and the person came forward. Reacting in anger only makes it harder for someone to own up.

Also, the person might not use talk. There are ways to try and narrow down who did this. Let’s not jump to fire and brimstone. It doesn’t lead to solutions. Anger begets anger.


Warning to you as well.


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Nick, you must have missed the ‘moderator’ flag next to @noblegoblin 's name in every post (two tone shield).


Thanks Jay,
I’m currently speaking with the moderator on that. As I did not understand nor recognize the shield to mean moderator. That said, I felt my questioning to be respectful and honest. Thus not deserving the flag given. I was literally following the guidelines of DMS Talk when it comes to a disagreements.

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