Snapped head bolt

Im restoring an old moped and one of the head bolts snapped, do we have extractors at DMS? the end of the bolt just snapped in the hole, so the type where you drill a hole and use an extractor to back the bolt out should work fine. Also open to suggestions if theres a better way to fix something like this, never had to dealt with it before but I would hate to screw up the threads and cause more headaches.

A picture would help. I had to deal with a broken camshaft cap bolt earlier this year.

If it’s recessed and the diameter is such that you could get in there with a cold chisel and notch it that might be all it takes to back it out.

I didnt wanna pull it back apart until I get the new studs delivered so I wouldnt be able to get a good picture, but this engine is tiny the head bolt diameter is ~6mm so I’m not sure if that will work

Heres a picture I went ahead and pulled it apart

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so I didnt have a chisel small enough to fit inside to notch it, but the bolt snapped in such a way that I was able to get enough leverage with a small screwdriver to back it out. Love it when things are easier than you expect, and now I know not to trust my cheapo torque wrench on bolts with low torque specs.


Lol. I bought a new low torque wrench as well after my incident.