Small tire mounting recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that hand mounts tires on small wheels? I ordered 4 new tires for my Mini and it’s got 13" wheels. If I can’t find any place then I’m considering the harbor freight tools to break and install and then a bubble balancer. Can’t imagine I’ll use those much…

Also dug through some old topics and and I see that there is too much danger in having tire tools at the space, and tire disposal issues, so that’s obviously not going to happen there.

There’s also mobile mount and balance companies that will come to the car with specialized equipment but for a premium cost that I probably can’t afford.

Thoughts? @TLAR have you had to deal with mounting these small wheels on Minis before?

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I should mention that I’m mounting YOKOHAMA A539 175/50/13 tires and the sidewalls are somewhat short. Might be difficult.|Back%20to%20search

I have a buddy who had a 1970 for years, I’ll find out where he had his done.

Edit: he used to live in flower mound so I know there is somewhere local that can do it. He also is very diy inclined so he most likely wasn’t paying premium for it.

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Per my friend who had the 1970.

He’s had tires fixed by the Goodyear in highland village. But he also said that most of the independent places will be able to do it by hand.

The 70 has 10 inch wheels. You have 13’s so maybe anywhere that can do scooter tires should be able to do yours

Hope this helps.


13" wheels are not “small” - they just are not as popular as they once were.

Any tire shop should have no problem at all.
For the budget conscious - there are many “used” tire shops that can help you out efficiently and affordably. Many of these places are not far from the DMS.


We’ve been buying used tires at the tire shop at the corner of Valley View and Broadway (by the Farmers Branch train station). No complaints. Prices seem reasonable.

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The discount tire near 635 and MacArthur never has issue with our Smart car.


Agree with TLAR. Worked at a tire shop from 16 - 22. Mounted plenty of 13" tires on Geo Metros, Hondas, and other similar cars. Shouldn’t have an issue finding a ‘name brand’ shop


I’ll give it a go then. I was initially dismayed by Costco tire center but they focus on the average consumer and below 15" seems to be outside their focus. I’ll call around to see what I find👍

I’ve had 13" done @ Discount Tire in the last…3 or so years.
(NOT an endorsement, merely for reference).
As Tom said, there are probably dozens of folks who can/will do a great job; little hole in the wall places…

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Giant retail box stores ALWAYS cater the “average consumer”.
It is what pays the bills.

I have a diesel truck with stock 13" wheels on it (until it finds a new home).

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Which one is that?


I’m assuming…
VW “Caddy” (aka, in the USA, “Sporttruck”, but more commonly called “Rabbit Pickup”).
Can be seen juuuuust peeking out of the background on this pic:

Right hand side, in faded yellow.

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A 1980 VW Rabbit diesel (n/a) pickup. Not a rocket by any means! One could safely say you’d never get a speeding ticket…
It used to be a parts/errand truck for a local 911 Porsche shop, they added a turbo to it, & after several years of use it tossed a rod through the block.

Tan or beige - “Kansas Beige” is what it used to be called.

The 66 doublecab has stock 14" wheels on it. (I have a set of 15" alloys for it as well).

The 5 x 205mm bolt pattern on the early VW & Porsche wheels used to be a challenge for some tire shops before today’s “rim clamp” tire machines came out.

If it’s anything like mounting motorcycle tires then it’s not too bad. I have a set of motorcycle tire irons you’re welcome to borrow (assuming they’d get the job done).

I take slight offense to that.

Not all of our trucks are dirt-colored.

Not all…


Zach, you and your plasma cut piece came to mind(it was a hit too) yesterday when my customer and his friend were KC Chief’s fans. One of the guys, was some guy named Hunt

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Ah, the good ol’ days. I need to get working on my shop and put together a CNC plasma to go in it.

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If you are willing to make the trek to Flower Mound later this year…I’ll make a trade with you. You tutor me on how to use my plasma cam and you may use it anytime.