Small Skull Necklace Repair

Wife wants me to repair this, how difficult of a repair am I looking at?

(AAA for scale)

It’s a cheap necklace, I doubt the diamonds are actually diamonds. BUT if I can fix this one then she has another similar one she’d like repaired.

I assume there’s a class I’ll need to take?

One issue here is that those cheap necklaces tend to be “pot-metal”. I think that’s usually some version of pewter, probably a lead-free pewter. It looks like it needs a new loop attached on one side? I would be inclined to use something like JBWeld to glue a new loop on. Heating pot metal is dubious at best. Plus, cheap clear things are probably glass. Those are fairly small, so they might not shatter from thermal shock if you were applying heat to the metal.

Also, as I think about pot metal, it might be a zinc alloy of some type. Zinc is very problematic if you heat it. It creates a vapor that is a very bad compound of zinc.

I agree with everything @dryad2b said about probable materials. Heat and solder are probably not suitable.

An alternate idea for this specific piece would be to:

  • cut off the other end of the chain
  • file both chain-holder nubs smooth
  • use 2-part epoxy to glue an earring bail onto the skull back. Might have to file it down and/or drill holes for the eyes.
  • get a separate chain and feed it through the bail


Thanks for the help everyone, I’m barely capable of handling broken things larger than jewelry, I had no idea how to approach this. Wife isn’t thrilled with glue on a loop idea (my favorite), we’ll probably try some kind of epoxy to glue a loop back on