Small cast brass project

I have an antique English bar that has a few broken handles. I would love to have some new ones cast so I can get this beauty back up to par.

Who would be the best person to reach out to?

We do not cast brass in house (due to the fumes). However, we do cast bronze - albeit in jewelry-type sizes. How big are your parts? Do you have a means to create a “pattern”? Do you have one or more that isn’t broken so you could mold it?

We have a couple of knobs that are in good shape and not broken. Bronze would be no problem. The broken pieces are 2” diameter, approx.

A casting class that will be scheduled for 7/15 and 7/16. Keep a sharp eye on the calendar - it will fill almost as soon as it posts. You will cast a DMS keychain logo and learn the fundamentals of casting in bronze. After you have taken the class you can participate in future casting labs, which are about once month (casting is a team sport at DMS - we never cast solo). We have silicone molding compound that you can use with a per batch consumable price, then “shoot wax” into that mold to use for lost wax casting. You will learn how to “shoot wax” in the casting class and also how to use the vacuum machine that is used for the molding compound.

2" is going to be right at the limit of what we could cast but I think it’s probably doable.

If you get into the class, bring a knob with you so we can take a look at it.

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Thanks so much!