Slip-casting molds in Ceramics

The molds have arrived. The ones set aside for @ladybug18 , @Charlotte , and @coffeebean are on the table. Please pick up ASAP.

(@coffeebean – we left both geese/ducks for you. If you don’t want them both, let me know.)

On the short table, we have fawns, a small, elaborate basket, Santa Claus with fireplace, centerpiece size turkey, snowmen, and a couple of angels. I will be removing any leftover molds on Friday (@Monikat – tell me if I need to shift them earlier than that.)

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Will be down later this morning. Thanks so much!!!

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Check the calendar for any classes before Friday to see if you need to move them.

You could use the cart as we did for the doll heads, up to you.

I’m excited to see that someone will get some use from the molds. I felt a little foolish for having kept them for several years without using them very much. I was at one time very much into ceramics.
Perhaps I will be again sometime.


Just me, and I’ve only got one student so far.