Skis for sale in the area

I know we’re in Texas, and you’re like, skis… In Texas. Well, you’ll be happy you ran into me! Because with the way the year is going, when we have nuclear winter, you’ll thank me for selling these skis.

K2 composite Skis M26 bindings and Scott poles. 2 sets of poles. $75 pick up in Carrollton.

Pick up in Carrollton.

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Critical information includes length of skis, normally in centimeters.

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For many people, “ski” in this area deals with liquid rather than frozen water…

It is completely proper to give ski lengths in centimeters: neither type of skiing occurs on the Moon, these are Non Moon Walker activities.


When we start going back with bases, do not be surprised to see someone trying to “cross country” ski on the dust or towed behind buggies.

Lunar mountains are likely to be too rugged for the “downhill” variety, but if a suitable one is found within easy distance, it may also become popular.

“Outdoor” recreation will happen.

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That reminds me of a childhood memory. I grew up in El Paso, which was within 3 hours of several fun places like the Ruidoso NM White Mountain Ski resort, Carslbad Caverns, and White Sands. as a result seeing used skis for sale was common due to the proximity of the resort. My step dad at the time was an avid ski enthusiast and had his own skis; and on a trip to white sands he thought it would be fun to ski a sand dune. He got roughly 6 inches before his skis sank into the sand and he took a 100 ft tumble down the dune. he was fine, and we got a good laugh out of it.


Consider what 1/6 gravity would be like…

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Yes, think how slow you’d go downhill.

Less friction, though. And no air resistance.

Sand boarding always sounds like a great idea… So much friction though. I think my wife made it about 5 feet after this.

As a tyke, we’d vacation with my grandparents in Alamogordo. Trips to Whitesands meant waxed cardboard rides down the dunes. I have pics, somewhere, but it’s mostly people waxing boards or hiding under parasols…

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yeah, there wasn’t much to do there other than get sunburned.

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I mean, is anyone interested in these? Or are We going to argue about the metric system…I’m just curious. Lol. Didn’t know.


So far, it appears mostly this.
But it keeps your thread @ the top, where maybe that 1 buyer you seek shall find…


You’re not wrong. Lol


Well skis are sized bylength, and you haven’t amended the post… so… some skiers probably are skipping over

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No air resistance, but regolith is nasty abrasive. No weathering to round off the jagged bits.

Be like trying to ski on sandpaper.

Because this thread made me think of this

I also found this

So, apparently, dune skiing and grasskiing are things…
EDIT: 'nother

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for those growing up in Southern California, there is also skiiing Bandi Mountain, I’m not sure how skis are measured for it.

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Might be more demand if Bearfire ever made it off the ground. My recollection is that they have pitched a few locations through the metroplex over the years, but never got a sweet enough deal from a city combined with enough interest from investors.