Sketch up .stl issues

Sketchup Make 2016 is the last version that will work on my old lappie, so I installed the .stl plug in and the print comes out X2 the size it should. Anyone have a fix for this issue? If sketch up is just past its use by date, Maybe recommend a new package that doesn’t have these issues?


Test (443.5 KB)

The file I just added is typical for this issue. the print is disposable, and should be 1" square and.0125" thick. I made it tiny on purpose.

If it is coming out exactly 2x the size it should, just resize it in the slicer.

Yes. Solidworks or Fusion 360 or Tinkercad. All of these are free for Makerspace members and much more powerful.

The complication with Sketchup is that it started as a landscape/architectural drafting system. This means the base behavior does not assume a 1:1 scale. I think it defaulted to 1 ft = 1/4”. You probably need to research the scale settings in Sketchup. The second issue I found, that makes Sketchup unusable, is that it could not reliably model arbitrariarly small features. This caused many issues where surfaces did not intersect properly, creating irritatingly small gaps in what should be a solid. The slicer would complain on every moderately complex object I tried to create in Sketchup. I have not had a single issue like this with Solidworks.

It gets worse, I use Make2016, which is the last version of SU (Sketch Up) any older computer can use. The only reason I use SU is:

  1. They have some out standing online tutorials.
  2. It is free, No way I would shell out $300.00 for such buggy software. And it is incredibly buggy. Maybe latter versions are better, but I’m not willing to buy new computers to find out.

Whatever I move on to needs to have a good tutorials so I can learn it.

Quote:If it is coming out exactly 2x the size it should, just resize it in the slicer.

Does KISSlicer have a scaling feature?

Yes. Right click on the item on the right side of the screen and scale by x

simplify3D is even better than kiss slicer and its on the interactive computer

Is there a profile for the Polyprinters set up?

Yes & big bubba

I have put simplyfi3D profiles for all Makerspace printers in the 3d Fab committee folder

I will compensate using KISSlicer, a poor solution, but workable. I’ll mark this thread closed after my next test print this weekend. Where can I download/learn simplify3D?

It’s on the makersoace computers. A quick YouTube video will show you how to use the basic elements

So, where can I get Simplify 3D for downloading? And followed by the next question, where do I find the tutorials? I tried to get Net Fab to clean up Sketch ups mess on the .stl file, but cannot afford it.

One last thing, what diameter is the ABS plastic used on PolyPrinters? That would be a good question for the test. I am almost out of black and will restock soon.

You can do a search for Simplyfy3D online and find many download sites, the filament needs to be 1.75 mm in diameter

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At $149 that package is way out of my reach.Sketch up allows try before you buy. If I aquired this program for free, there is a very real chance of malware, or worse.

@Kevin, have we met? I am in a wheelchair due to a stroke shutting down my left side. I am not stupid, but the stroke has made a measurable difference in my thinking speed. So I now have one working arm/hand and leg (right side). When I ask for help I’m trying to avoid some of the traps lurking for people like me. Before I was in this predicament 3 years ago I thought they (scammers) were scum, now that I find myself vulnerable I feel leven more strongly about it. DMS has a student copy for solid works. Currently I save $20/month for computer hardware, as opposed to necessities like food or internet. Before I even think about saving for a $100+ software package I need to make sure I have the brain power left to use it. Simplify 3D looks promising, but I don’t feel asking for help is out of line.

PS: I will be at DMS ever Sat. afternoon for the foreseeable future, including this weekend.

A friend mentioned the possibility of Remote Access on the DMS Computers. Doable or not?

It would be a good way to try Simplify 3D out.

It is very easy. Open remote desktop. Go to username is “dms\yourusername” and the password is your regular password for your DMS account.