Sink left covered in paint

When I arrived about 11am today the sink was completely covered in black paint, covering drain holes and up walls an inch. Cleaned as best I could.

Thanks for posting!

It reminded me to post what I found Sunday morning. The wad of stuff is what scraped off the bottom area to wipe up and throw away.

I’m sure the clay trap bag will need replacing sooner rather than later as well.

Yeah, that looks like the clay trap is full.

Some of what’s in there is probably also grit from lapidary, I’ve taught several classes over the past few days.

I’d change the bag myself but my shoulder is injured and I can’t really lift right now, so someone else will have to do it this time.

Tell us how and we can do

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Dudes getting er done


Thank you all for jumping in and making it happen :slight_smile:


However…I think the person who left a lot of paint in the sink…SHOULD LEARN TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES!!!


Cool it. Enough of this.