Sink in 102 Warehouse observations 12/30/2020

I’m putting this here, as Ceramics is the biggest user of the sink.

As you may know, recently the pump that drains the sink got a little spastic. It was very, very slow to kick on and drain. @JBluJkt checked it out, and it was full of lumps of clay. I know that we all know not to try and wash lumps of clay down the drain. We know that we’re supposed to throw those lumps into the nearby trash can. Unfortunately, not everybody reads Talk.

I was standing there, looking at the set-up, and it looks to me like the right-hand sink doesn’t drain through the clay trap. It looks like the water there goes straight into the pump. If that’s true (@mrjimmy – does that make sense to you??), then we shouldn’t be doing any clay washing up in the right hand sink. I know that I’ve always used the left hand sink, and it looks like most folks do as well.

So – I’d like some folks with some plumbing experience to look at the drain situation, and agree or disagree. If we agree, then we probably need signage – “Clay Washing Here” “No Clay on This Side”.


You are correct in your observation. The right side is goes directly into the sump. There should be no clay washing on that side. If we think that is a problem then we should re-engineer the system. (it is likely to be a problem, people don’t read)


It’s a multiple problem, but that’s probably a big cause – folks are washing clay in both sinks.

It also had lumps, which aren’t supposed to be washed down the drain. There again, if all our education hasn’t completely fixed the problem, signs won’t solve it completely either.


People are still dumping pans and buckets full of clay in there a lot more than should be. With a sign in the sink even.

It’s prolly time to implore a bucket system by the wheels, until we get everyone on board, and the sinks in a more permanent state? And clean the trap monthly.

Me and James put both sinks in, with what we had during reopening. Neither are suitable for high traffic imo. Which we technically don’t have right now. I’ll redo the shims, pipes, and pick up a drain cover this week. Then see what we need to make it breaker space proof-ish :crazy_face:


There is another brand new Clay Trap located in a box in the unmounted sink for the future Wet Classroom. Perhaps you could add a second Clay Trap to the right hand sink.



Both drains goto trap. From the wrong angle looks like they don’t.


@JBluJkt could you please put the trap on the sink by printing?

The other trap is for the wet room afaik. That sink is not permanent right now, because of the wall/door changes.

You are obviously correct, my apologies!