Silk screen exposure unit?


Hello, I need to make some silk screens. Does makerspace have an exposure unit? Is anyone teaching a class? Don’t want to use the vinyl cutter for patterns the images I need are way too detailed.

If not, is there is anyone interested in making an exposure unit with me? I will volunteer time and some supplies to build one but be warned I’ve not ever done this before. Not even sure if the home made ones are good, just seen the tuts online.

Thank you


I would be interested in working with you. I have done a couple of screens by exposing them directly to the sun. I got the coating chemical from Blick Art supply and I have a 10" scoop coater. I also have some yellow silk screen fabric. I took the silkscreen class at DMS with Pearce Dunlap but he did his screens with the vinyl cutter. He recommended getting precoated screens if you wanted to expose them but I do not have any experience with those.

I can be reached at 214-212-3241 - Andrew Macha


Awesome, will get in touch with you later in the week


I have a large light table that I bought several years ago to make an exposure unit but never got around to it. I can donate it if you can use it and can find a space for it. it is probably 3’ x 4’, and needs a new glass top.


Yes, will talk to Nicole and I see what we can do, I have glass :smile:


Hello I see this post is older, but I am also highly interested in using a silk screen exposure unit. What do you all use, any updates?


I don’t know the model number offhand, but we do have an exposure unit. I’d say a 24*30 Max screen size, and exposure times for the typical screen is between 2-3 minutes using either the in house emulsion or the retail speedball diazo mix.



I have a pair of huge bulk EEPROM erasers that are full of UV tubes. Between the two units a high power UV exposure unit could be built. They are heavy though due to the 6,000 volt transformers that supply the glass UV tubes. Each UV eraser unit drawer is about 24" x 30". Can get photos if anyone is interested…