Signal generator cable

I am trying to hook up the output from the signal generator to my component. Do we have something like this on Amazon (BNC Male Plug to Copper Alligator Clips Test Lead Set)

Check cables collection hanging on the wall by the fire closet.

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All but 1 are BNC Male on both ends. The other one is alligator clips both ends.

So you just need wire cutters and a soldering iron to have two sets. JUST KIDDING.

I don’t think we have that configuration unfortunately. There might be one in the black toolchest but I haven’t seen it in a while.

These are what I use:

Mouser donation maybe? I know they aren’t cheap. Before anyone asks, yes I can put transponders on them cattle-ear-tag style.

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Perhaps we can just buy a bunch of BNC terminals for members to build whatever they need.

The cheaper clone version on Amazon is about $15 for 5.

Buying your own, the Pamona is very high quality. But if they’ll get lost frequently, maybe the import version is adequate…

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A coupe of options

  1. BNC cable to dual banana jack / dual binding posts adapter.
  2. BNC cable - cut in half - now have 2 “adapter” cables. Ugly, but will get the job done.

Working on Mouser donation. Various cable and adapters are on the list.

Oh yeah, for a moment I forgot what the actual goal was. You might be able to use a scope probe set to 1x depending on what your needs are. Very often this will work well enough.

I’m for trying the cheaper alternative. If they suck we can try something else next time.

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