Show and Tell July 2024

Trying to keep your cool in the summer meltdown? This is the coolest thing you can do with Dallas Makerspace! [^1]
Post a picture and description of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space here!

Inspiration can come from anywhere! Small craft project? Post it up!
Large CNC router project? We want to see it!
Building a table? 3D printing a thingy? Got a great science experiment? Most anything, really? We want to share our experiences far & wide!
So many people doing such cool things at DMS all the time, & most of us don’t get to see. Post up here to help us share the interesting things we are doing at Dallas Makerspace this month!

Posting here helps not only promote Dallas Makerspace, but could inspire others to make something. PR may include projects in blog posts or other social media (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Please try to include the following on each post, to help make for richer social media content!

  • a QUALITY photo
  • a notation about WHAT you’ve made
  • WHO you are (for attribution on the blog or other social media sites)
  • HOW you’ve made it
  • and WHY

[^1]: this statement has not be verified by anyone anywhere


Best thing i have made at DMS…Gollum approved. Ceramic book lamp :raised_hands:t2:


There is some funny looking writing on the inside of that round thing at bottom, but I can’t quite make it out…

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Well…it cooled off…so the words disappeared.


Finished an oven-standing desk work table to use for my composites business. Oven is only meant to get up to about 120F.

All of the wood working was done at DMS.


Intended to only run up to 120. I would probably make sure to put a couple of 200 or so degree thermal fuses in the heated space, In line with the heating elements. Just that extra level of protection in case your heater control experiences some sort of issue.


That’s a very wise idea to prevent thermal run-away.

Keep in mind the old powder coating oven suffered from thermal runaway.


Made a necklace.


Been stuck in a creative rut without finding much inspiration. However, after going through my photos so many times, I looked down at my little buddy and said “there is my inspiration”.

9x12 Watercolor on Arches 140lb rough paper. Daniel Smith professional colors.

Title “Sampson King”

Painter July 6, 2024


My first bar of Damascus or or properly termed pattern welded steel. Made 100% at the makerspace. Came out better than I hoped. Now I’ll make a couple of knives out of these pieces.
240 layers of 1084 and 15N20 steel with a diamond ladder pattern I cut in.


Awesome job. Nice pattern


Finished the large scale crystal skeleton, it came out great.


Thank you!

looks great!!

After taking the Bambu signoff class with @3dzignsprint, and some filament help from @ozindfw I printed my first multicolor 3d project.


Really happy with the results.

And with superman such an influence in our family, I had to get a $25 lock to make sure it doesn’t fall off.


It turned out great. Nice work.

Automotive hosted an engine teardown event! A member donated their old engine to be torn down for a learning experience. We turned a dozen folks loose on it and took it to bits!

All in all it was an excellent way for folks to familiarize themselves with the automotive space, gain some hands on experience and learn more about what makes an engine tick :grin:


My dad made me tear down an inline 6-cylinder motor (Hi-Thrift 194 Chevy II motor) and rebuild it with new push rods, new piston rings, new gaskets and new bearings. I had to do this in order for him to let me drive the Chevy.

It was a great learning experience for a 16-year-old boy. I also worked on a funny car racing team as a mechanic for a while and learned a lot about different racing cam shafts and other racing additions.
Furthermore, I still have a fondness for Holley carbs.

Those were the days of cheap gas, loud sounds, burning rubber and smoke. Good times.


Be careful with that. Marios parent company is very tight with there IP. They flagged another members Etsy account and it was shut down. Just an FYI.