Sherline Micro Lathe Class


Looking to see if anyone is up for teaching a class on the Sherline Micro Lathe? I know there are at least 3 people that showed interest in a class.

@Photomancer @John_Marlow @BobKarnaugh , your names got dropped as possible teachers of the machine and @nicksilva (time permitting) talked about a possible class.

tagging @jnorine @Lordrook who showed interest.


I would also love to attend. The big lathe is more than slightly terrifying.


I can do one in the mid February time frame


I’m not actually qualified yet to use the Sherline Lathe so can’t teach. Sorry


You want me to sign you off on it next time we’re both at the space?


Sure. I pretty much know all of it as I teach regular lathe. However, just as I expect others to take the training so should I.

Thanks I would appreciate it, I’ll make the same deal I do with folks I sign-off on Bridgeport, etc. I agree to teach a class with 45 days as compensation for your time. After I play with it a bit, I’ll be okay, I’ve heard the class being given a number of times.


Did anything ever come of this? I haven’t seen anything on the calendar. I would love to learn how to run the Sherline lathe.


hello. I developed the sherline class. However, due to the tax burden caused by teaching 12 or more classes a year - I will no longer be teaching anything other than the HAAS class and only 11 classes per year to stay under the radar. I hate to do it but teaching HAAS usually brings in about $800/month to the committee versus $50 for a sherline class. I hope someone steps up to teach it but for an all volunteer organization we have a hard time finding volunteers.
there has been some talk of simply teaching the differences when someone takes the Clausing lathe class and clearing someone on both at the same time. I fully support this but it means you need to be on the lookout for the Clausing class and verify that it will clear you on the Sherline.
i know it’s not the answer you wanted but at least for me this is my reality. Hopefully others that are willing to help will chime in. Cheers!


I’m still willing to teach it if we can get a teach the teachers thing.



I see a class on the 20th. Thanks @abitamimbharmal !

edit: aand now I see the one on the 13th, would of signed up for that one :slight_smile: