Sherline Lathe and Mill Collets

Do we have collet tooling for our Sherline lathe and mill? If not, then I will purchase my own lathe collet draw bar and adapter kit from Sherline.

Do we have Sherline collet sets? I previously searched and did not find.

I may need to order/purchase a 5.7mm collet from Sherline for my project, as well as some other sizes.

There are, but similar to other bits-n-pieces around the 'Space, if you want to be sure what you are using is available and in a state that won’t prevent you from getting results you want,you can;t really go wrong with getting your own. Same with whatever bits and cutters and think you will be using. Maybe come in and inventory what’s here and make some test cuts/milling/etc. and see how you feel about it?

Note: You are already probably aware…both Sherline lathe and mill are “training required” tools.

@keoliver would probably know.

We do not have work holding collets . We have milling collets and a selection of milling cutter holders . These are not good for work holding because they are not drilled through and this cannot hold longer stock. The taig er16 adapted fits Sherline as does the beall tool er 32 adapter set .

The Sherline ww collets are also nice, but we don’t have them at the space . If you want to try any of these out, let me know and I will bring them up for you to try . I have them all in my home shop .


IIWM, I’d be looking at the WW collets. Sherline has a 5.7mm one. You will need a WW collet drawbar/adapter for the lathe. If you buy a WW set, there will be a collet drawbar and adapter included.

How do you plan to use the collets on the mill?

Yep. Very aware of the WW collets.Will probably purchase a Sherline potting collet. In the midst of working on a brass model locomotiveand need to make a custom gearbox using gears I purchased from Northwest Short Line. Also need to modify a gear and make bearings. Potting collet will probably be my best option.

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