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I have been attempting to connect with Kevin Oliver throughout this past week and have not heard back. I need some follow-up instructional assistance regarding post-processing DMS SoildWorks (solid model) for use on the Sherline CNC mill. I was hoping to fabricate a few simple parts today or tomorrow. Yes, I have completed Sherline CNC training. Please feel free to respond to this message or message me.

Elaborate …

I have the DMS SolidWorks Student Version at home.

My understanding is that SolidWorks should allow me to choose a post-processor such as Mach 3. I should then save that G-code as a word or text doc on a thumb drive. Upload to the Sherline and edit the program per Kevin’s instructions.

Please provide instruction on what post-processing program I should select in SolidWorks, how to access and use it.

Sorry have been out of town on business for my day job and unable to respond. You have to use the cam workspace in solidworks to do a tool path to cut your geometry . Try to keep it to single tool tool
Paths for your first project. Once you create a 2d tool path in solid works cam select the Linux cnc post processor.l to generate the g code . Once the g code is generated , refer to the sherline specific g code edits that need to be added in as listed in the sherline materials i sent you . These can be added via any gcode editor or even a txt editor . You can check your g code with a g code simulator available online. In general you are editing out spindle command codes and other M codes that sherline cannot execute . Settin up the coordinate system and zero points on the machine is covered in the materials. The tooling and workholding are similarly to the manual mill .

If you need more information on CAM tool path generation in solidworks , check out the professor Cameron videos on you tube .


I fully understand the set-up instructions you sent.

This is my 1st project and am unsure about SolidWorks tool path and post process creation.

Need to cut 2 parts. Both .062 K & S 303 ss. I have sacrificial aluminum plate. Simple 2 axis profile cuts. Each program should take a few minutes to run. Need to use 1/8 end mill either hss or carbide depending on what is on hand.

I’ll play around with tool path creation tonight. Please let me know if you want to tag up tomorrow.



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For stock that thin I have found that super glue and blue painter’s tape is an excellent option for workholding. It minimizes warping and deflection with stainless you have to keep your feed and speed up to prevent work hardening during the cut. With a max rpm of ±8k you may not be able to reach the full recommended rpm. Be sure to set the SAM ramp in to the cuts for best results .

The Professor Cameron videos are just what I was looking for!
I was intending to be at DMS this weekend, but some other things came up.
Should be at DMS either this Fri or Sat. Let me know if you want to tag up!
Thanks for the help!!


I have been going thru the Professor Cameron tutorial and have extracted info as a PPT. Do you want copy of PPT?


Sure that would be great . My dms email is [email protected]. I will be out of town on business this week.

Hi Kevin!

Thanks for your help thus far! Solid modeling, tool selection/calculations and tool path creation easy, straight forward and successful.

Please provide further instruction on how to install and use post processor in SolidWorks. MACH3 has been recommended.

Also, do we have good 1/4 and or 3/8 end mills and collects for use, or should I purchase my own?

Kindest regards


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The post processor to use is NOT Mach3. The post processor to use is linuxCNC or EMC2. If your installation of Solidworks does not have these in the database of PP choices, you can use the FANUC11m processor. Whichever you use, you will have to manually review and edit the gcode to remove G and M code instructions that the Sherline cannot process, such as spindle speed controls (M03), Tool change codes (M06), and any of the machine zero reset codes M100 and above. A list of the M codes and G codes that Sherline Linux controller can execute are in the training materials. You will also have to manually insert the Sherline-specific G codes in the training materials. G code can be edited by any txt editor, not a word processor. There are also free tools like NC viewer available online that can view and edit G code. I also use NC Viewer as a free online G code simulator that can check your g code before you run it on the machine.

AS to end mills, remember that the tooling with Sherline CNC mill, like the mill and computer are mine, on long term loan to DMS. There are .125, .150 and .375 end mills in the drawers that folks trained on the Sherline CNC can use, along with a variety of tool holding and work holding options. Anything that I don’t want other to use travels with me. If (when) you break an .125 end mill, don’t sweat it, just let me know so I can replace it. The .125 end mills for the Shapeoko are also in the tall cabinet, but if you use one from there, put it back there when you are done.

There are both dedicated end mill holders in various sizes and a COMPLETE ER collet set in the drawers. IF you use the end mill holders, just make sure the set screws are snug. The ER wrenches are in the tray with the collets. Due to the small machine, there is no torque spec like on the Multicam or the Haas.


I would suggest supplying your own end mills so you know (a) they are sharp & (b) are available.

We do our best, but sometimes we don’t know if there is anything missing/broken/dull.

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We have suitable collets. Technically they’re end mill holders (with a set screw).

There is actually a full set of imperial er16 collets with a 3/4-16 collet chuck and collet nuts in the sherline cnc drawer .

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Hi Kevin!

Thanks for your patience and reply!

My apologies, but I may have been asking the wrong questions.

I had previous communication from Sherline who recommended Mach3. However, since these are your machines, I will be sure to abide by your instruction!

My SolidWorks post processor library is completely empty. Nothing to choose from.
Do you have a PREFERRED web-link to download/instl LinuxCNC or EMC2 with instructions on how to do so?

I do understand G and M code programming and Sherline required editing. Per your suggestion, I will also use NC Viewer. I have used the SolidWorks toolpath simulator, and all looks good.

I need to reformat the PPT I created from Professor Cameron tutorials to improve readability. Please send me your email address so I can send your way.

SolidWorks CAM quite simple and straight-forward to use.

Fort Worth has a machine shop industrial supply, but they now require a min $$ order, otherwise serving a customer is not worth their time and effort!!

Kindest Regards


You can try the mach3 post since you have to do manual edits anyway it should not make a difference . Let me know how it works

Try this link for general discussion. On adding a post processor

I still think the fanuc post should work fine .

What do you need to buy from machine shop industrial supply?

Hi Chris

I already purchased a couple of 1/4in end mills from the local industrial supply. They used to have a min $$$ purchase.

I do want to tag up with you regarding 3-D printing and investment casting. Like to show you my 1st project. No shrinkage.


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April 2


Fort Worth has a machine shop industrial supply, but they now require a min $$ order,

What do you need to buy from machine shop industrial supply?

You can also buy end mills from Grainger. I wouldn’t buy lots of end mills from them but if you just need one or two it’s convenient. You can pick up at the branch with no shipping fee.

Looking forward to seeing your castings!