Shark lathe not working

The interlock is shutting down randomly… you can hear the contactor release while machine is in use. The interlock now is not engaging the contactor. Not sure if the current sensor is malfunctioning or the interlock reader/board.

Seems to be working now… not sure what I did… verified power and functionality of the contactor… tested the current sensor… put it all back together and now it works… idk.

Probably jiggled the current sensor wires and improved the connection. The Pi is just floating in there.

I need to tear into that one, rebuild, and update it. I’ve wanted to get the other four installed and running first though. I’d hoped to push that in the cleanup day, but I have a conflict and can’t make it.

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I dont kow if the current sensor leds are supposed to light up… I moved it to the supply line with the wires going to the Pi disconnected to see if the leds lit up… they dont… once I reinstalled back to the original position everything worked as should… I used it for another couple of hours and never messed up again…