Share Your Happiness/Struggles May 10-16

Might as well try to make this a somewhat regular thing during the shutdown!

Share your happy for this week! As much as you like! As often as you like!

Are you struggling with something? Vent away!

My happy for this week includes:

  • I started morning yoga today and Bast cried at me until I made a bed for him near my mat and gave him an adequate amount of belly skritches. His needy love made it a lot easier to wake up so early.

  • Being able to stay connected during the day.

  • I found a letterboard at JoAnns half-off yesterday and I’m excited to put it up this afternoon and have sweet and snarky phrases on it.

  • My sourdough starter is still alive!

Some personal strugglebusses

  • I’m knitting a lace shawl that wants to get off count every few rows no matter how careful I am.
  • DoD extended travel restrictions so my birthday plans to travel to Minnesota were cancelled.
  • Adjusting to a new sleep schedule which in turn affects my IF window which in turn means I can’t eat in the evenings.
    sad snack goblin noises

What is making you happy/frustrated this week?

@draco Moving to this thread!

Hm. The community has made me happy. I’m a social goblin and it warms the cockles of my wannabe-dark heart to see people creating together, working together, and just sharing skills etc. etc.

Despite the petty bickering that happens every so often (as it happens in ANY community ever) I do love DMS as a sort of slightly skewed family.

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I have a cross over Happy and Struggle in one.

I’m working on putting on this Pyro event in Caddo Mills, Tx. But, do to the COVID, we had to block the public from coming, as having hundreds of people gathered in close proximity to watch the display is a No No. Things have been going well, until we heard the Local Paper with a 30,000 person readership did a article on the event and announced it was open to the public based on old info. While we are more than please to hear the paper wanted to cover us, we will now have a large struggle in explaining this event is not open to the ravenous fans just trying to get out of their house.


Ouch! Maybe have the paper put out an immediant edit and use social media to spread the word?


We managed to get them to take it off their site. But the papers are distributed already. O well, we will roll with the punches. :slight_smile:


@mdredmond I haven’t made the muffins yet BUT I AM ALL KINDS OF EXCITED TO TRY MY HAND AT CRUMPETS.

Also, here’s the happy thread for this week!

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My sister, who is a shopper extraordinaire, scored some baking yeast and mailed some to me! Happy happy!


Laughter is good medicine. Today I received my copy of the Readers Digest in the mail. I got a hardy laugh out of the following funny story that was published in this issue.

My 85 year old grandfather was rushed to the hospital with a possible concussion. The Doctor asked him a series of questions:
"Do you know where you are?
“I’m at Rex Hospital.”
“What city are you in?”
“Do you know who I am?”
“Dr. Hamilton.”
My grandfather then turned to the Nurse and said,
“I hope he doesn’t ask me any more questions.”
“Why?” she asked.
“Because all those answers were on his badge.”

  • Webb Smith
    Marietta, Georgia


Have you ever tried making your own yeast from fruit?

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Not intentionally. :wink:


hahaha Very fair.

Might be a fun “science” experiment. DMS should have a class on making your own hooch!


FYI, Winco (Lewisville) has had yeast the last 2 times I went, so if you have one near, you might check them out as a possible source.


I went here immediately…

This contrasts with other ‘bowl brews’ I’ve read about…

Also, I learned a new word…

(Yes. I’ve led a very sheltered life…)


I’m sticking with my plastic bucket fermenter :slight_smile: