Shadow Job before Checkout


Is anyone running any jobs this week that would be willing to let me shadow them before my checkout?



Consider having someone shadow you cutting your checkout file as practice run. This is all about process.

I’m not available until the next weekend (12th and 13th), but if you are still looking for help at that point let me know. Along with what Burt said, I would be watching you with your job rather than the other way around. You do not do driver’s ed by sitting in a car watching someone else drive!

So not actually cutting it, but going through the file on the computer?

No, actually running your checkout job with a friendly coach. If you wish, it can be a different job altogether, but please be thoughtful regarding how long it might take to process. The checkout process is a sudden death event. The checkout person’s responsibility is to weed-out candidates that aren’t prepared to run jobs independently. Everyone wants properly prepared candidates to
succeed. The Multicam communities’ objective is machine availability above all else.

BTW, @gsommers would be an excellent coach if your schedule allows.

@gsommers ill be out of town that weekend but would greatly appreciate it if you are willing to help me when I return.

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