Sewing SIG Wiki Page

The visual editor on the wiki page is fixed! Everyone do a happy dance!

It has come to my attention that the Sewing SIG does not have its own Wiki page, so I have rectified that. The new page can be found here.

I have done my best to get started on populating it, but am calling for volunteers to help. I would love to see a complete list of equipment, tools, consumables, and a maintenance schedule for all equipment included (perhaps not all at once as I’m sure some discussion will be needed over some of those items). It would also be great to see a list of potential instructors (people who both are approved to teach and volunteer for the task) for each piece of equipment.

I know that @aneres is currently out of town, but perhaps @jrkriehn or another member could get it started?


There is a lot of useful information already on the Tools page, that can be lifted, linked, or plagiarized to this page.

FWIW, I have considered organizing the CA stuff into categories much like Electronics category. Is that worth doing? If so, can someone help identify what tools go into what category?