Sewing Machine repair/maintenance help

Is there anyone willing/able to show me how to fix and/or maintain my sewing machines? The needle on my Singer machine is off center. It’s still usable - and I have been using it that way - but eventually I expect it will get too off track and will hit the plate. That’s what happened to my last machine. I was quoted $75 to repair it, but the machine wasn’t worth much more than that so I bought a new one off Amazon. If it’s a relatively simple fix, I’d love to know how to do it.

I also have my Mom’s 1956(?) Singer 401A machine, which is the one she taught me to sew on. It hasn’t been used in 20+ years, and needs some TLC to get it in working order. I’d prefer to make it my go-to-machine, and I’m sure it can handle it once it’s spruced up.

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100% Amelia for anyrhing about restoring sewing machines


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…i started reading the post, and my firs thought was ‘the only machine I know how to fix that problem on is a 401a’
…i actually know how to fix this and I can show you.

It’s either oil that’s dried, and is preventing a bar from swinging, or there’s a spring that might need replaced. but the way you’re describing it, it’s probably oil varnish. We can get it done in an afternoon and it takes 2 screws.

I’m a little busy this week, but let me know your schedule next week and I can help you get it fixed.


Thanks Amelia! Right now, I’m fairly open next week. Monday and Tuesday are best for day and evening. Early daytime the rest of the week. Let me know what’s best for you and I’ll block off the time to meet you at DMS.

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11am monday or thursday?

Let’s do 11am Monday. Thanks again!

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Ok, it’s on my calendar!

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Amelia = Sewing Restoration Rockstar


I am here at the Makerspace, I will be in the purple classroom which is Tthe long room on the hallway right before creative arts