Sewing machine recommendation for teenager

My daughter is interested in learning more about sewing as it relates to Fashion Design. I’d like to get her a sewing machine to help motivate her.

I’d like some advice on a model to get. I’m looking for something that will work well for someone completely new to sewing. Flexibility of use is more important than cost. I’m definitely willing to pay for quality, but I don’t need an industrial level item.

If she doesn’t take to this, then I’ll add this to my shop where I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it. So, suggestions? Thanks all.

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I might still have a little one you can have. Just needs bobbins, and I need to find where I stashed its cord.

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The machine we have now were selected because they are used in schools. So they are tolerant of mistakes. This is machine for an individual I would expect to last many year and would become a back machine or dedicate machine for someone engaged in sewing a lot.

Good luck to her!

I’m with David. The Janome is sturdy. It’s got a bunch of features – everything you’d need for all but the most involved sewing. Mind you, you might start with Missydee’s. You can’t beat the price!

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I got a Brother CS6000i about 4 years ago and was a complete newbie at the time. It has been easy to use and forgiving :wink: . I highly recommend it. Here is the amazon link:


Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bundle

This is my go to suggestion for your exact case. This is a true work horse quality machine. It does the key stitches, all controls are analog so the won’t break like the flat bubble buttons and touch displays. It is no frills, but that is a plus in sewing machines. This is a buy once own for life machine for the moderate seamstress. Stay away from the embroidery and seeing machine cross overs. They are way over priced for adding a bad embroidery machine to a sewing machine. You can get great embroidery machines for $500 used which would out class the embroidery sewing machines 50 to 1.

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Thanks for the suggestions all. I’m going to read up on these. @missydee1206 that’s a generous offer, but this will be part of a Christmas gift for her so something new will be better I think.

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Totally agree, shiny and new is almost always better


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If you’re a member at the Makerspace, why not add her as a household member, and she can come learn on our machines?
There’s a class this wed night- you could both come. As basic sewing is a skill everyone can use.

When have babylock zests for the basics, a heavy duty Pfaff, and sergers.
She can get a feel for the machines and see if she likes it.

For beginners I usually recommend a Singer HD, though the babylock zests seem to be holding up well in our shop, too. After she gets a feel for the kind of sewing she wants to do, then she’ll know what kind of higher end machine she wants.

In the 6 years since posting this, I’ve acquired a couple sewing machines so I think we’re good now. :slight_smile:

…just messing with you for reviving an old thread @AmeliaG !

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I love a bernina! I have bought a few on FB marketplace used for myself and my kiddos. They are solid machines made in Switzerland.

@Team_Moderators – I think we should close this piece of ancient history…

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lol, on mobile it showed up as a suggested topic, couldn’t tell it was 5 years old. I know to check now.